About Molls


Hey all this is Molly Bru, also know as Molls, Molly Lou, Madame La Bouche, and whatever else my wacky family comes up with at any given time.

I decided now that I’m officially an English teacher, I should probably lead by example and get some of my writing out there (here? wherever here is… [I swear I’m not some new age, overly philosophical type, but I do have my moments..]) I have no method to my madness, or expectation as to where this may go, but at there very least this will (I hope) motivate me to write regularly and keep the creative juices flowing. Contrary to popular belief, and what will become the bane of my existence, I am not a spelling and grammar wizard, nor am I a s&g tyrant, as some English majors/people tend to be, so ‘dun hate!

My interests/obssessions/fixations/inspirations/desperations  encompass but are not limited to…

All things foodie (naughty and nice), my zany family and friends, reading and writing (but of course,) music, spontaneously performing Rent (the movie) from start to finish in random locations, hiking, rock climbing, comedy (especially female comics), all things New England, Darwinian studies, Jameson and Ginga’, humanism, Eliza Doolittle, Dr. Dolittle, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, socio-economic/political issues and causes, Gilda Radner, microbrews, sarcasm and when people don’t realize it’s sarcasm, House Hunters, and long walks on the beach…bored yet? Yeah, me too. I may touch on these subjects, I may not…luckily no actual touching/law suits involved. Just another virtue of cyberspace…

Anyways, if you made it this far, thanks for feeding in to my narcissism! Do enjoy.


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