In response to the below attached article written by, ironically, the most uneducated person in the history of underdeveloped man kind:

*caution: tears will be shed and blood pressure will rise

Read and weep (not in an epic, poker sweep, way, either)…

Despite the sneaky prologue which would only get beyond the sheltered young men the article boasts to be worthy of English 101, unlike the girls this article claims should not be able to place out of (don’t even care that this is killing my ethos, I’m angry), this article and organization, which you so shamelessly and proudly take credit for, is asinine.

In response to reasons 1&2 for not sending daughter to college: she should be trusted, not that she owes it to you, to not attract the “wrong type of men,” aka 18 yr old boys. Also, her interactions with men are not up to your interpretation of what is appropriate or not.

And the continuation of my response, despite the likelihood of it reaching the pea sized brain beyond your thick skull…

3: your unfortunately existing kind generally argues that women innately know how to be mothers, and that is why their responsibility to children is so much greater, so why do we need to so vehemently practice? Being at your child’s whim, I imagine, leads to a lack of autonomy, which, if you even let them leave the house, will be disastrous. Furthermore, if you don’t set the example that education is highly valued for humanity, gender aside, it will eventually become irrelevant, not only to your daughter but also your apparently predisposed-virtuous son. I love children. I want a few. I AGREE that abortion is horrifying, but I DISAGREE that I can remotely understand anyone else’s situation to tell them what to do, because I have at trust in humanity to ultimately do what is right, that you apparently cannot conjure.

4: but your son is worth the debt?

5: I doubt she wants to prove anything to the world, other than maybe to prove you’re an idiot. Maybe she can be more empathetic than me due to what I see as the few virtues of your text—the example of a kind man that did chill with the lepers and “sinners”. I’m going to go to guess you’re afraid she’ll get her hands on well-respected philosophical texts, both theological and secular, which will make her maybe hate you until her uncertain death. Just a guess, though.

6: For reals? Maybe if wifey went to college, to at least get a latte and get the hell away from you, she wouldn’t be insecure enough to let her anxiety lead her through some rollercoaster ride of tax deductions then leading her to a dingy clinic on the “bad side of town” under the name Sally Fields to get some pills-of-death—her breasts will swell, you’ll find her stash, and I will then hear about how you murdered her with no remorse for her sins on the news at 8 (I get home late from work so I can’t see it at 3—extra help will only lead her down a darker hole). I will then watch your trial on television, and likely grind my teeth at night down to nothing, and take other pills to turn me into a robot because I’ve lost faith in the rest of human kind. Maybe if you paid attention in college you wouldn’t have the time to fabricate such a theory while she’s too busy to fall in to the “occasion of sin” of thinking for herself, and then hire a PI to follow her to the grocery store. Oh wait, you go on the weekends in your turtle necks, because someone may look at her ankles in that wool moo-moo. In your defense, I get really cold in the produce section after the gym in my yoga pants (this is just too easy—sorry Grandma). Maybe, just maybe, I could be looking at kittens in rain coat pictures rather than angrily punishing my keyboard to fruitlessly communicate how much you wasted your undeserved education.

7: your undeserved education also underserved you mathematically–by definition this last and equally as asinine reason would not exist. Nonetheless, I will go on to prove how much smarter a buffoon is than you. Ooh, evolution, you scared now? I am, because you’re proof it’s in a regressive state. But, I digress. So, quick Q—isn’t telepathy against some passage in the bible you of course misinterpreted? Unless you surveyed the likely too many girls suffering by this product of psychosis, other than the one you quoted and then modified to your liking, you have absolutely no idea that this is remotely true. Where were you in stats class?
My summation, or closing remarks:

Your gut reaction is to discredit my angry reply due to yes, some statements bore out of passion rather than logic. Luckily, I have basic philosophy on my side, rendered by great philosophers older than your beloved profit/prophet, another philosopher I hold in high esteem, myself, as much as he’s sadly been misused. The power of a strong argument is in the well rounded use of ethos, pathos, and logos. My ethos, or credibility, which some of you poor creatures may or may not know of due to not getting the chance to expand your minds (remember to clear your search history 😉 and Wiki is a good source for preliminary knowledge—try to crack a database[later information to come]), is not only being an educated woman, and educator to well deserving humans, male and female, but a logical human being. Which leads me, yes, to logos. Simple logic implies how illogical and barbaric this is. If you distrust Darwinian theory (again, I just assume based on logic associated with such idiocy), why are you acting like an underdeveloped Animalia idiotica? And pathos—pure, ticked off, human reaction to literally the dumbest thing I’ve read in a long time. You, the writer, and you the reader remotely agreeing, I will cry, and then laugh crazily for you.

I could go on, but then I just really can’t. I have the immediate urge to read Nietzsche, or even St. Augustine: “It was pride that changed angels into devils; it is humility that makes men as angels.” And women—let us not forget the lepers of our time. Ooh, I can get manipulative, too. What sick creatures we’ve become. I want to run up a mountain full speed and scream in my lowest register, beat my chest in solidarity for your kind and then cry like Ophelia, laugh like Margery, and then scheme like lady Macbeth, in no specific order (what’s the probability I will Margery, to Ophelia, to Lady Mac?). I am, through and through, an adolescent Katherine. As much as I grapple with her eventual “submission” to Petruchio, I can put aside my moderate feminist sensibility and accept that he is a satirized character, much more laughed at by the educated members of the audience than nodded upon by the buffoon-y-tunes, than the empathetic Kat. But again, I digress, another long-forgotten philosopher has filled my head with a well-rounded liberal arts education I am so unworthy of.

The only virtue of your beliefs is there is a fiery pit in which you can dwell for eternity, if Jesus or whoever is deciding your eternal fate, can put aside empathy and practice their well-deserve Aristotelian Appeals.

Stay human,
Molly Bru

21st century educator, woman, human, B.A., B.B.C, lover, laugher, daughter, sister


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